Thursday, June 8, 2017

Magical May - Homesteading in Paradise May Highlights

May was magical.  Spring kicking in, moving into summer weather, things hopping on the homestead, a thriving garden, amazing bike rides, great bonding with the kids and friends, the first trip over the mountain pass...

Hope you are having a wonderful start to your summer as well!


  1. Loved the video.The whole video is wonderful! My favorite part is your son when he starts talking like Smeagle from Lord of the rings. I had tears running down my face from laughing. I so needed to laugh. Thanks.


    1. Thanks so much! Lukas cracks me up about the Gollum voice!

  2. What a great little vidio - I liked seeing snippets of your life togetahre! You live in an amazing part of the world, just stunning.


  3. Oops I forgot his name was Gollum! I get the names confused. Anyway wanted to correct my oops and listen to the video again. I went to a different browser called Chrome and was able to listen again. My other browser quit letting me watch any videos even tho we updated them.

    Once again thanks for sharing.



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