Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A little nostalgic... and some darn good comfort food

I'm feeling a little mushy right now. Mushy in the way a caterpillar turns to mush inside of the crysallis before it becomes a butterfly.  At least I hope there's a butterfly at the end of my particular mushy-ness.

I don't know what it is: the dark outside, the pounding rain, listening to sad music right now, maybe the fact that my big webinar launch is over and I have time to breathe... but I'm finding myself nostalgic.

Before I tell you why, let me show you pictures of our backyard when the sun came out briefly the other day.

Things are good, really. It's just that they are changing so much. My oldest kid will turn 15 soon, asking for the car keys tomorrow, off to college in the blink of an eye, and maybe even moving to Germany and cranking out grandkids for me. My middle child just turned into a teenager - enough said.  And my youngest daughter is shooting up in height so fast I can almost watch her bones stretch. She is as tall at 8 as her brother was at 9 years old.

I'm feeling melancholy about not homeschooling them any more. After educating them at home their whole lives, travelling for weeks every year, vagabonding and learning with them, going on hiking adventures whenever we wanted, we are now completely restricted by the school calendar.

On the upside, our kiddos are all thriving at public school. The older boys are being noticed by their teachers for their leadership, attention, respect and motivation.  They love playing basketball with all their new pals.  The little 'un is making lots of friends and getting achievement awards. It's all good. Except... I miss them.

We wake them up at 5:45 am so they can meet the bus at the dark, lonely highway.  They are gone all day and come back at 4 pm.  

Now that they're gone all day, I can put some serious brain power into my own business.  Great things are coming down the pipeline for you.  Just wait.

When the kids come home and it's not too rainy, or on the weekends, I make a big effort to get them outside into nature, because that's where most of our best times are happening.

Come with us, and I'll show you where we go, passing piles of bear poop as we walk:

Although it's cold now, and winter is definitely advancing fast, I pack up snacks, maybe a hard cider or two for Steve and me, and drag them to the creek, where we watch the sun disappear behind mountain ranges covered with Cedar, Doug Fir and Hemlock.

Steve and I sit in the wet, cold sand, chatting and drinking our ciders, while Kai, Luke and Eva run around like maniacs with the dog, chasing each other, throwing sand and sticks, skipping rocks and skinning their knees like kids are supposed to.

I watch with nostalgia, missing this, knowing that these moments are numbered.

Remember? The whole growing up thing and asking for car keys...

So there you have it.  I'm disoriented, my kids are growing up, and the rainy season is upon us.

How about some inspiration now?  I have two things for you:

One: Steve is starting to make traditional wooden bows again, and we sell them in his online Etsy store "Return of the Primitive".

They are beautiful, incredibly well made, and popular. So if you want to give a bow to someone as a Christmas present, get it now before it's gone.

The second inspiration has to do with food.  I want to point you to some of my favorite recipes, just because I think YOU need some comfort, too, not just me, this mushy, gushy, sentimental Mama.  Click below to read a blog post I wrote last year, with some of my absolute favorite, healthy, tasty recipes:

Butternut Squash Galette, Grain-free-refined-sugar free Sweet Potato Cake, and Vegetarian Lasagne

Be well and stay in touch!  What are you feeling mushy about?


  1. Oh, Corina you bring back such memories for me. I'm so grateful to have had those kinds of experiences with my three kids. They are all old now-my youngest is 35 years old! I can hardly believe it! He is trying his darndest to move back home and still be employed in the job of his choice (Powerhouse operator). Let us cross our fingers he can get a job on the west side of the mountains! I raised my kids like you are and in hindsight all is well even today. So don't worry and don't be too lonely while they are in school. One day they will be moving out and having children of their own. Then you get to worry about being a grandma!

    1. WHAAAAT???? You mean I'll have to keep worrying about them?
      Just kidding. Sigh... It never stops, eh?

  2. It is the season of immense change or so it seems. Undergoing some severe ones over here too.
    I see Eve grow. She no longer is that sweet kid I first saw when I came across your blog. She's turning into a fine, young lady.
    I see a ram or moutaingoat in that treecluster she sitting on....

    And too bad about those bows. I can not shoot one. Love the looks of them and that arrow.

    1. Interesting to hear you mention Eva and bows in one paragraph. Here is how I see the connection: When she gets old enough for potential boyfriends to come knocking on the door, her two older brothers (and Dad) will be ready for them --- with bows and arrows, to scare them off. What do you think?

    2. Wait a minute.... Shouldn't you be scrutinising girlfriends?? Isn't Steve the one who should be doing the daughter worrying-thing?? And any kid making it into your home will feel the eyes of the other men upon him. I have a weird feeling that they can produce a pretty stern look, especially Steve. But given Eva's upbringing she might just turn up with another "son" to you.
      I on the other hand am genuinely worried, thinking about mine daughters. What is on offer around here is not giving me any reason to rejoyce and disproving a guy will only make sure that especially my oldest daughter will go for him. Dumb thing is reversed psychology probably is going to backfire as well.


      And by the looks of it I am pretty biased, assuming the girl- and boyfriendsituation. They've gone completely mental here in that regard. There's no telling who might end up with who.... or what.

  3. Hi Corina,
    I've recently purchased your on-line cheese-making course and have a few questions concerning it. My problem is that I can't find any e-mail or anywhere on your website that I can contact you privately.
    Please let me know how I can be in touch.
    Thanks so much.
    Sue M.


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